Niching Down Your Consulting Business with Alastair McDermott

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This is episode one of the Marketing for Consultants podcast. It contains two segments: A brief introduction to the podcast (first 3-4 minutes) An interview of Alastair McDermott by our guest host, Alistair McBride The Marketing for Consultants podcast is for consultants of all types - typically independent consultants or very small firms. It's for you if…

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Trust and Lead Generation for Consultants

The main reason that consultants rely so heavily on referrals for business development is because there is a requirement for trust. The client needs to trust the consultant because the project will often be expensive and high-risk. Referrals do a great job of passing trust because it's a personal recommendation. Reputation is on the line. But there…

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When Referrals Don’t Work

  "I would be terrified if my sales depended on referrals" - Philip Morgan In the consulting and professional services space, the vast, vast majority of business is generated through referrals - that is word of mouth recommendations. In my research project, referrals and networking were the number one source of leads for independent consultants, as well…

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Content First?

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TL;DR summary: Every weekday for November I'll be doing a live stream at 3pm Dublin/London, 10am Eastern, 7am Pacific  Topics related to B2B marketing, lead generation, websites and inbound marketing for consultants. You can vote for topics. See bottom for links. Yes, this terrifies me. But I need to do it. I've been looking at a post-it…

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Lead Generation Strategies for Consultants

One thing I wanted to achieve with my research project was to identify the best way to do lead generation for consultants. I looked at the different lead generation strategies and channels that could be used to acquire new business. Selling in the professional services space is very different from the consumer market - much of that…

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Do you have a clear call to action?

During a time of market uncertainty, projects are being paused or cancelled everywhere - but there are many opportunities still available. Some industries are even growing right now! Whether you're in a growing or declining industry, it's crucial that your messaging is very clear so that you have the best chance of winning prospective clients. Your call…

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[Research] Marketing Best Practices for Consulting Firms

How do consulting firms find new clients? How should they find new clients?  These are crucial questions at the best of times, and even moreso in the economic downturn that we're likely to experience due to COVID-19. I sought to answer these questions, and more, by surveying over 800 consultants in firms mostly sized 1-10 staff. A…

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Where Does Your Ideal Target Audience Hang Out?

Now that you've got some educational or thought-leadership type content planned, the next step is to get it in front of your target audience. Have a Profile Everywhere I recommend that you have a business profile on all of the major networks that looks professional and contains your positioning statement and call to action. Cover all the…

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Positioning Yourself as an Authority

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How do you position yourself as a thought leader and authority? Content Marketing One approach is to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by creating "content". I'm sure you've heard about content marketing. I love the idea, but I'm not so crazy about the name "content marketing". It feels very generic, and doesn't speak to what we're trying to…

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The Problem with Building Your Own Website

In my last article, I wrote about why your website sucks and your web designer hates you: On LinkedIn, Philip asked me: If I'm my own web designer, does this still apply? ;) Yes. Yes, it does! Why Is It so Difficult to Self-build an Effective Website? Apart from the lawyer joke references - "A web…

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Why Your Website Sucks and Your Web Designer Hates You!

Many web design trends and technologies have come and gone since I started building websites in the dark ages of 1996. But one crucial issue hasn’t changed much since day one: “Web design” is not really about “design” at all. If you've spoken to many business owners, you've probably heard some of them say something like this:…

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Crafting Your Positioning Statement

For me, the single most important thing you must have clarity on in your business is your "positioning statement". Your positioning statement defines your brand position, identifies your ideal customer and the problem you solve for them. A quick note on terminology: positioning statement can also be referred to as "value proposition", “Unique Value Proposition”, “UVP” and…

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Trust is the currency of professional services

Marketing in the world of consulting may not be easy, but it is quite simple. It's all about understanding trust. Trust is more valuable than cash. Trust is the currency of professional services The purchase of consulting services is very different from other types of purchases, which is why so much of the marketing advice you see…

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