Hi, I'm Alastair!

If you’re seeing this, you’re either scheduled to guest on the “Marketing for Consultants” podcast, or you are considering being a guest.

On this page, you’ll find answers to all the most “Frequently Asked Questions” about the podcast – and what you’ll need to know as a guest.

Marketing for Consultants Podcast Cover

Marketing for Consultants: the podcast that helps independent consultants and subject matter experts to get more clients without having to beg for referrals, or make soul-destroying cold calls!

How popular is the podcast? How much exposure will I get?

This is not the podcast for you if you’re looking for huge numbers. We launched just over a month ago, so the numbers are still small. That said, we do have a very targetted audience of independent consultants and owners of small professional services firms.

For promotion, we have a combined social media following of over 12,000 (multiple Twitter accounts, 4,700 on LinkedIn, Facebook etc). Every episode is promoted to these channels.

We also invest hard cash in paid promotion. Here’s some of the ads we’ve run on Overcast:

And an upcoming ad on PodcastAddict:
I’d love you to be one of the episodes we’re paying to promote 🙂

Guests include: Louis Grenier, Sara Dunn, Jonathan Stark, Heather Steele, Philip Morgan, Douglas Squirrel, Mike Clay, and more.

Who will listen to the Marketing for Consultants podcast?

The “Marketing for Consultants” audience are typically independent consultants or managing partners in boutique consulting firms. They are experts in their field and often have established networks at a very high level, including CEO and other board members. 

Their specialization ranges from business & management consultants to media, design and engineering consultants. We also get some listeners from shoulder industries, including lawyers, accountants, architects and other professional services.

Are there any requirements for being a guest?

Yes. We feature three main types of guest on the show: I call them The Successful, The Experts, and The Brave!

  1. The Successful are successful independent consultants – in any field – who are willing to share the ups and downs of their business story to inspire and educate our listeners.
  2. The Experts are marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for independent consultants.
  3. The Brave are independent consultants  who are ready and willing to take a public “Hot Seat” for a live coaching session with me.

If you are in one of these groups, please apply below to guest on the show. Note that we record well in advance so we have a lead time of around 3 months.

What questions will you ask during the interview?

The exact questions will depend on your background and expertise, but the show name is “Marketing for Consultants”, and the goal of the podcast is to help independent consultants to generate leads, become more profitable, and to enjoy their business more.

It will be as simple as chatting about your story and about some things you’ve learned along your business journey, I’d love to hear that and share that with people!

To give you some specific examples:

  • What has worked particularly well for you in generating sales?
  • How can independent consultants use the tactic that you’ve mentioned?
  • Can you tell us about a failure you experienced in business, and what you learned from it?
  • Is there a business book, podcast or other resource that you’d recommend?
  • What’s your favourite fiction book or TV show?
  • Where’s the best place for our listeners to find you online?
How long will the interview last?

Around 45 minutes

The booking system (link below) will reserve 55 minutes on your calendar.

This allows us a few minutes to chat before and afterwards, leeway in case of any technical issues, and still allows you a quick break if you have another call at the top of the hour.

Will the interview be audio-only, or video too?

The main podcast episodes are releases audio-only. However, during the interview we like to record video as well if at all possible, so that we can create some show clip videos that we turn into videos for social media sharing.

Do I need any special equipment for the interview?

We’re not NPR, but I do want to make sure the audio is of reasonably good quality to be fair to our listeners.

Here’s a very brief guide:

  • Not so good: internal microphones of any kind (on your laptop, webcam or phone)
  • Good: headset microphone (the $50 Sennheiser SC160 is a good option here)
  • Best: external microphone (a dynamic USB mic like the $100 ATR2100X )

Echo: Empty spaces and hard surfaces can cause reverb/echo in your recording space. You can improve the acoustics dramatically by adding some soft furnishings. I’ve often hung blankets off-camera in my office. 

A couple of other points: for podcasts, it’s better to wear headphones rather than using speakers – it removes any potential audio bleed. And for the camera, it’s better if you are sitting facing a light source, rather than having it behind you. 

If you need some more specific suggestions for hardware I’d be more than happy to share.

Do I need any special software for the interview?

I use a podcast recording service that is very similar to Zoom, but results in better quality audio. You don’t need special software, just a web browser – preferably Chrome or Firefox. It’s definitely best to use a laptop or desktop computer. 

If you plan to join from a computer, then you don’t need to do anything ahead of time! You’ll simply click the link I send you shortly before our scheduled time, which will take you directly to to join me.

Phones or tablets are not recommended, but if that’s what we need to work with, we’ll make it work!

Please let me know how you’d like to do the call there and we can figure out the details.

Is explicit language acceptable on the show?

I want you to be your authentic self, and if that requires the occasional swear-word, that’s fine by me. (We’ll tag the episode as containing explicit language.)

That said, we aren’t recording an episode of The Wire,  and although I do love that classic scene in s01e04,  I’d prefer to keep it within reasonable parameters for a friendly business environment. 

Will we start recording immediately, or will we chat a few minutes beforehand?

When we start our call, we’ll chat informally for a few minutes (how long depends on your schedule). I’ll answer any questions you have before starting the interview portion of the call. When we’re both ready, I’ll countdown to when I start recording.

Do you do any editing? Is it okay if I mess up or am interrupted during the call?

Yes! We usually edit on the backend, so don’t worry if there’s an unforeseen interruption or two.

If there is an interuption – noise or internet jitters – what I recommend you do is take a beat or two to think, and then restart your last sentence as if the interuption never happened.

These things happen – don’t let it derail you and we will take care of it in editing!

Can I review the recording before it is published?

Typically, no. That’s simply because of the release schedule, but if you really need to review it, ask for the audio immediately after the recording call and we’ll do our best to get it to you.

This is not “gotcha journalism”, I want you to get the best possible outcome from guesting on my show, and if that means we need to delete something, we can do that in exceptional circumstances.

Can I repurpose the podcast audio for our marketing materials?

1,000% yes. That would be a fantasic use of the interview.

We’d really appreciate if you can link to the episode page on our website from wherever you publish the repurposed content, but that’s entirely at your discretion. 

When will the podcast episode be published?

It’ll probably be at least a month or two.

In order to keep our production process calm and unstressed, we like to record about 4-8 weeks in advance, and keep a buffer of 5-10 episodes at any given time.

If you have a particular launch or event that you would like your episode to coincide with, let us know in the intake form – we’ll do our best to accommodate!

I'm in - how do I sign up as a podcast guest?

That’s super, thank you! 

If you’ve been invited to guest: we’ll send you a scheduling link directly, no need to use the application form as we have already checked if it’s a good fit.

If you haven’t been invited, but think that you’d be a good fit: please start by filling in the application form linked below.

Apply to be our guest