Hi, I'm Alastair

If you’re seeing this, you’re either scheduled to guest on my “Marketing for Consultants” podcast, or you are considering being a guest.

On this page, you’ll find answers to all the most “Frequently Asked Questions” about the podcast – and what you’ll need to know as a guest.

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Marketing for Consultants: the podcast that helps independent consultants and experts to get more clients without having to beg for referrals, or make soul-destroying cold calls!

How popular is the podcast? How much exposure will I get?

Right now, we are in pre-launch, which means there are zero listeners. I appreciate that opting-in to be a guest at this point is taking a risk with your time, and if you are still considering doing so, I very much appreciate that.

That said, personally I have a social media following of 7-10,000 on Twitter (combined accounts), and 4,700 on LinkedIn, as well as an email list of ~500 and a Facebook following of 1-2,000.

I'm also intending on aggressively promoting the podcast after launch, including investing hard cash in paid promotion. I'd love you to be one of the episodes I'm paying to promote. 

Who will listen to the Marketing for Consultants podcast?

The "Marketing for Consultants" audience are typically independent consultants or managing partners in boutique consulting firms. They are experts in their field and often have established networks at a very high level, including CEO and other board members. 

Their specialization ranges from business & management consultants to media, design and engineering consultants. We also get some listeners from shoulder industries, including lawyers, accountants, architects and other professional services.

Are there any requirements for being a guest?

I interview three types of people on the show:

  1. Successful consultants - in any field - who are willing to share the ups and downs of their story to inspire and educate our listeners, and
  2. Marketing and sales experts who have a message or lesson that is relevant for a B2B professional services audience, and
  3. Listeners who are ready and willing to take a public "Hot Seat" for a live coaching session with me. 
What questions will you ask during the interview?

The exact questions will depend on your background and expertise, but the show name is "Marketing for Consultants", and the goal of the podcast is to help independent consultants to generate leads, become more profitable, and to enjoy their business more.

It will be as simple as chatting about your story and about some things you've learned along your business journey, I'd love to hear that and share that with people!

To give you some specific examples:

  • Is there anything that you feel has worked particularly well for you in generating sales?
  • Can you tell us about a failure you experienced in business, and what you learned from it?
  • How can independent consultants use the tactic that you've mentioned?
  • Regular question: Can you give us a breakdown of hours in your business - specifically, how many hours or days per week do you spend on marketing?
  • Regular question:  Where's the best place for our listeners to find you online?
How long will the interview last?

You decide. The length of the interview will depend on how much time you can give my audience and I.

From my perspective, the longer the better, as we can explore nuance and detail in a way that is impossibly on a shorter call.

However, time is our only irreplacable resource, and I truly value your time, so whatever you can give us, I will appreciate. 

Typically our call will be in one of these ranges:

  1. 20-30 minutes. This will result in an episode of 10-20 minutes in length.
  2. Approx 45 minutes. This will result in an episode of ~35 minutes in length.
  3. 50-70 minutes. This will result in an episode of 40-60 minutes in length.

Podcast length

Will the interview be audio-only, or video too?

You decide. Ideally we can do the pre-recording chat with video turned on to get to know each other better. 

We can conduct the interview with audio only if you prefer, or if the connection is not good for some reason.

Do I need any special software for the interview?

I use a podcast recording service that is very similar to Zoom, but results in better quality audio. You don't need special software, just a web browser - preferably Chrome or Firefox. It's definitely best to use a laptop or desktop computer. 

If you plan to join from a computer, then you don’t need to do anything ahead of time! You’ll simply click the link I send you shortly before our scheduled time, which will take you directly to to join me.

Phones or tablets are not recommended, but if that's what we need to work with, we'll make it work!

Please let me know how you'd like to do the call there and we can figure out the details.

Is explicit language acceptable on the show?

I want you to be your authentic self, and if that requires the occasional swear-word, that's fine by me. (We'll tag the episode as containing explicit language.)

That said, we aren't recording an episode of The Wire,  and although I do love that classic scene in s01e04,  I'd prefer to keep it within reasonable parameters for a friendly business environment. 

Will we start recording immediately, or will we chat a few minutes beforehand?

When we start our call, we'll chat informally for a few minutes (how long depends on your schedule). I'll answer any questions you have before starting the interview portion of the call. When we're both ready, I'll countdown to when I start recording.

Do you do any editing? Is it okay if I mess up or am interrupted during the call?

Yes! We usually edit on the backend, so don't worry if there's an unforeseen interruption or two.

If there is an interuption - noise or internet jitters - what I recommend you do is take a beat or two to think, and then restart your last sentence as if the interuption never happened.

These things happen - don't let it derail you and we will take care of it in editing!

Can I review the recording before it is published?

Typically, no. That's simply because of the release schedule, but if you really need to review it, ask for the audio immediately after the recording call and we'll do our best to get it to you.

This is not "gotcha journalism", I want you to get the best possible outcome from guesting on my show, and if that means we need to delete something, we can do that in exceptional circumstances.

Can I repurpose the podcast audio for our marketing materials?

1,000% yes. That would be a fantasic use of the interview.

We'd really appreciate if you can link to the episode page on our website from wherever you publish the repurposed content, but that's entirely at your discretion. 

I'm in - how do I sign up as a podcast guest?

That's super, thank you! You can sign up by scheduling a call by choosing an option below:

Schedule Your Podcast Call

30 minute call

Schedule a short podcast interview with Alastair for the Marketing for Consultant Podcast!
The call will be 20-30 minutes, depending entirely on your availability, resulting in a 10-20 minute episode. 

45 minute call

Schedule a podcast interview with Alastair for the Marketing for Consultant Podcast!
The call will be around 45 minutes, depending entirely on your availability, resulting in a 30-35 minute episode. 

70 minute call

Schedule a longer podcast interview with Alastair for the Marketing for Consultant Podcast!
The call will be 45-70 minutes, depending entirely on your availability, resulting in a 35-60 minute episode.